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Prank #2 - Those Were The Days

by Phil Taylor

Digital Fusion has been around for 16 years. But years before that, we were all computer geeks playing around on our Macintosh or Commodore 64.

Fast forward and we have just moved into our new offices (courtesy of the quakes) and are all using the latest and greatest Apple products.

Technology is changing at an incredible rate and life is moving fast. Gadgets like the iPhone and iPad are described as sexy. But what about the beige? A few of us got talking and reminiscing about our first computer. One thing led to another…

Mat was away on a two month trip of Europe. For someone who left before shifting into the new offices, what better time to pull our next prank. The victim and theme were set.

A check list was made and each and every Fusionite contributed with items. Standout’s include a working Macintosh SE/30 and Uniden brick cellphone.

  • 2 Rolls of 80’s Wallpaper
  • 9 Squares of Brown Carpet
  • 1 Old Wooden Table
  • 1 Macintosh SE/30 (in working condition)
  • 1 Rubik’s Cube
  • 1 Casio Calculator
  • 1 Uniden Brick Cellphone
  • 1 Miami Wine Cooler
  • 1 Old Landline Telephone
  • 1 Brown Coffee Mug & Water Glass
  • 1 MacIntosh IIfx Poster
  • 2 80’s Cocktail Posters
  • 1 Brown Suit, Shirt and Tie
  • 2 Man-hours of “Labour”
Prank Creation

Friday night after work, the DF team of mischief makers converted Mat’s once modern space into a fantabulous office of yesteryear. The following week he arrived back slightly confused but obviously thrilled inside.

Mat Wiseman

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