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Prank #3 - The Future is Bright

by Phil Taylor

In our second prank we reminisced our past geek. This time round, we felt the need to explore the futuristic properties of Foil.

Although this is an internet favourite and has been done many times before, you can?t call yourself a prankster until your names are on the “Tin Foiler Hall of Fame”.

Our next victim was an easy choice. Julie has a rather nice glass bowl office and she took great enjoyment out of laughing at the misfortune of the previous two victims. Plus she and Craig were on a business trip to the States and neglected to invite the rest of us.

Sacrificing a sunny Sunday, I gathered with Daniel and Mat, took a trip down to the supermarket and picked up six hundred metres of tin foil. Enough to cover roof, floor and everything inbetween.

Fifteen man-hours later, we walked away in anticipation for Monday morning.

  • 600m of Tin Foil
  • 1 Roll of Masking Tape
  • 15 Man-hours of “Labour”
Julies Office Pre-Prank

600m Tin Foil

Digital Fusion

Office Desk


Rubbish Bin & Office Items

Julie working Monday Morning

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Who should we target next?


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