Planit Scheduler.

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Customisable Scheduling

Calendars - Google, iCal or Outlook ... wonderful as they are, are awkward when it comes to managing resources and booking appointments for multiple consultants, rooms or equipment.  

If you're managing multiple resources then our scheduling module makes it easy to see everything in one view. 

  • Set availability and block out breaks
  • See all your consultants under each day 
  • Need to schedule people to rooms? Compare a persons availability with a resource, for a desired date

Planit can easily be adapted to your own FileMaker application with a little re-wiring... we can do that for you or give you the details you need to DIY

Example uses: 

  • Medical consultant bookings 
  • Room bookings
  • Staff Equipment bookings

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Pricing and Availability

Cloud-based Monthly

Planit will be available soon as a turnkey cloud-based service... 

Site License — Customisable

And is available now as an unlocked framework that you use as is or customise.

Pricing for the unlocked version including a single company site license is $1600

(Planit is based on the Reactor plugin for FileMaker: when you buy Planit you get a Reactor developer and site license for your company. For more information on Reactor see our site.)