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Automatically serve retina artwork

by Sam Sehnert/ 15

Have Apache automatically serve retina artwork to devices that support it, if that artwork exists on the server. This allows you to use common image filenames throughout your app?without having to build both server-side AND client-side detection. Read more

Timezone info for iCalendar

by Sam Sehnert/ 0

CalDAV is a standard calendar server which several different calendaring clients can connect to — not the least of which include iCal, and iOS calendars, along with Microsoft Outlook.

Finding out where and how you can get timezone information in iCalendar format for your CalDAV server is tricky. Fortunately, getting it isnt! Read more

jQuery Number Format

by Sam Sehnert/ 6

Ever needed to insert formatted numbers into your page after running some JavaScript code? This little plugin will do it for you, nice and easy. Read more

Showcasing jQuery List with a fake iPhone

by / 0

Everyone loves the iPhone and how well it displays large lists of information. In this article we replicate the contacts screen using nothing but web technology, and give you the tools to create user friendly lists for your website.

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MojoMotor Code Snippets

by Phil Taylor/ 0

Code Snippets are a feature of all major Code Editors that every developer should use to increase productivity. They are simply a place where you can store all your code snippets and quickly call upon them when needed. A type of copy and paste clipboard for coding.

Here you will find our MojoMotor Code Snippet library for many of the popular Code Editors.

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MojoMotor & CodeIgniter Hybrid Site - Part Three

by Phil Taylor/ 7

Some websites just don't fit the brochure mould.

So what happens when we want the benefits of MojoMotor's simplistic content management system and other sections of hardcore functionality?

In this article I'll carry on from where we left off in Part Two and look into how to allow our CodeIgniter views to mimic MojoMotor and display a working Mojo bar and region editor.

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CodeFusion's MojoMotor Wishlist

by Phil Taylor/ 1

This year we feel in love with a little CMS called MojoMotor. It has a great user interface which our clients find easy to use.

So it's the end of the year and we thought it would be nice to ask Big Red (Santa) for some features rather than a shiny new BMX. He is a coding genius after-all.

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