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World-Class FileMaker & Web Development

Digital Fusion is an IT development company focussed on business software, from web to database, to mobile. We have over 15 years’ experience designing and building tailored solutions that increase productivity, efficiency, and customer service, meaning growth and greater profitability for our clients.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

A web presence is vital for any business. A web site that’s highly functional and integrates with your systems is even better — and that’s our specialty.

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Leading FileMaker Developers

FileMaker® Development

Ideal for highly flexible business systems, FileMaker® allows rapid deployment. We’re Asia/Pacific’s leading FileMaker developer.

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Sending Email from FileMaker Using Mandrill

When sending Email from FileMaker the most popular methods are the 'Send Mail' script step or a plugin. In this article we explore another method through using Mandrill - a free online service that is easy to setup and integrate into FileMaker... Read more >


  • Congratulations to Phil, one of our developers, and his wife Anna on the new addition to their family.
  • Welcome to Cindy, our new Office Manager.