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World-Class FileMaker Development.

We're here to build bespoke solutions for extraordinary organisations—for people who want to set the standard in productivity, innovation and service. And we don't know of a better platform than FileMaker, a database and software system that is fast to develop in, super flexible, and delivers on Mac, Windows, Mobile and Web.

We know it. We love it. We live it.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

A web presence is vital for any business. A web site that’s highly functional and integrates with your systems is even better — and that’s our specialty.

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Leading FileMaker Developers

FileMaker® Development

Ideal for highly flexible business systems, FileMaker® allows rapid deployment. We’re Asia/Pacific’s leading FileMaker developer.

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FileMaker 14 Certification

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Digital Fusion is getting our team FileMaker certified as quickly as possible.

Filemaker 14 Certification was released around eight weeks ago so we have been going through the process of getting each of them to sit the exam.

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iPad Pro and FileMaker Go - A Marriage Made in Heaven

A few weeks back Apple announced the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil which is both big in size but also processing power. At the point at writing, we are still a few weeks away from seeing these in in-store.

This got us to thinking what will the ‘use cases’ be for our clients in terms of both developing for and using the Pro version of iPad.

For a number the iPad mini is perfect but this mostly relates to the form factor, size really does matter when you are climbing up on people roofs or working in a panel shop.

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