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World-Class FileMaker Development.

We're here to build bespoke solutions for extraordinary organisations—for people who want to set the standard in productivity, innovation and service. And we don't know of a better platform than FileMaker, a database and software system that is fast to develop in, super flexible, and delivers on Mac, Windows, Mobile and Web.

We know it. We love it. We live it.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

A web presence is vital for any business. A web site that’s highly functional and integrates with your systems is even better — and that’s our specialty.

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Leading FileMaker Developers

FileMaker® Development

Ideal for highly flexible business systems, FileMaker® allows rapid deployment. We’re Asia/Pacific’s leading FileMaker developer.

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On the move in Sydney

After a number of years working out of the lovely terrace house in Miller St, Pyrmont we have moved. The great news is we haven’t gone far, we are about a kilometre away, now located in Pirrama Road, also in Pyrmont.


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Announcing Custom D - our new web company!

I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce "Custom D", a new business that we're creating to focus on building more engaging web sites and applications.

Custom D is a brand new business spun out from the web team at Digital Fusion - it's the logical way to get a clearer and more powerful message out there about extent of our capabilities and experience.

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