About Us

At heart, we love technology and we want to make the world better using it…

Digital Fusion was founded in 1996 by Craig Saunders… back then Craig had lots of hair, youthful enthusiasm and a vision of building great software.

Almost 20 years on, Craig’s curly locks are a distant memory but his vision is as strong as ever. (Well his vision for great software...)

A great team of fun-loving, passionate, highly-skilled individuals have helped to bring Craig’s dream to life.

We build front-of-house business solutions using FileMaker® as our development platform—Digital Fusion has more certified developers than any other FileMaker company in the Asia Pacific region. 

Our development and support team are all experienced software professionals, with each of our developers certified in the current version of FileMaker.

More importantly with people from different backgrounds and expertise we can assemble the right kind of team for your project and maximise the working relationship between us.

It seems that once you start at Digital Fusion, it’s hard to leave — most of the staff have been employed for 5 years or more and incidentally the same can be said for the companies we partner with.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help, why not get in touch. 

  • Craig Saunders, The Boss

    Craig Saunders

    The Boss

  • Stuart Woodhouse, Client Manager

    Stuart Woodhouse

    Client Manager

  • Paul Hutton, Senior FileMaker Developer

    Paul Hutton

    Senior FileMaker Developer

  • Daniel Wood, Senior FileMaker Developer, UX Expert

    Daniel Wood

    Senior FileMaker Developer, UX Expert

  • James Currie, Senior Developer / ACN Certified

    James Currie

    Senior Developer / ACN Certified

  • Cindy Crimp, Administrator

    Cindy Crimp


  • Stephen Baker, Senior Developer / All-round Guru

    Stephen Baker

    Senior Developer / All-round Guru

  • Cath Kirkland, Senior FileMaker Developer

    Cath Kirkland

    Senior FileMaker Developer

  • Paul Thomas, Senior FileMaker Developer

    Paul Thomas

    Senior FileMaker Developer

  • Kris Weyling, Project Manager

    Kris Weyling

    Project Manager

  • Morgan Chance, Solution Consultant

    Morgan Chance

    Solution Consultant

  • Greig Jackson, Senior FileMaker Developer

    Greig Jackson

    Senior FileMaker Developer

  • Sam McCormick, FileMaker and Primavera Developer

    Sam McCormick

    FileMaker and Primavera Developer

  • Sarah Troublé, Senior FileMaker Developer

    Sarah Troublé

    Senior FileMaker Developer

  • Paul Baker, Senior Developer & UI Designer

    Paul Baker

    Senior Developer & UI Designer

  • Andrew Close, FileMaker and PrimaVera Developer

    Andrew Close

    FileMaker and PrimaVera Developer

  • Glen Naysmith, FileMaker Developer

    Glen Naysmith

    FileMaker Developer

  • Maddy Voice, FileMaker Developer

    Maddy Voice

    FileMaker Developer

  • Andy Mills, FileMaker Developer

    Andy Mills

    FileMaker Developer

  • Oscar Frith-Macdonald, FileMaker Developer

    Oscar Frith-Macdonald

    FileMaker Developer

  • Karesha Walker, Administrator

    Karesha Walker