DIY Support

Coaching, Guidance and The Tricky Bits

One of the beauties of the FileMaker platform is the fact you can develop apps yourself: the learning curve to getting started isn’t huge and you can create some very useful very quickly. But it isn’t all plain sailing—the platform is pretty powerful once you scratch the surface and we’re more than happy to lend some of our expertise to help out:

Online Resources

There are a bunch of great resources out there to help you get started or go deeper into the world of FileMaker development, but we’d like to highlight a few key ones for you:

  • The FileMaker Training Series is a great resource that FileMaker Inc. produces. Start with the Basics (which is completely free) then move on to the FTS Advanced series for only $20. 

fts books

These two books are also available in iBooks, which if you’re using a Mac, iPhone or iPad makes for a much nicer experience than a plain old PDF, and provides a great way to book, highlight and take notes.

  • Weetbicks Blog: published by us right here on our web site, Weetbicks is the outpouring of knowledge from Daniel Wood (and some of other developers), in an easily digestible and very practical way.


One on one tuition with one of developers is probably the quickest way to both up-skill yourself, and tackle some the more complex parts of your own project. The best coaching is onsite of course, but we’re also happy to beam in and watch your screen to guide you through treacherous waters. 

We don’t offer pre-defined courses at this time.


Like coaching, we can help advise on the best way of tackling things and help with planning and design so that you get a sound foundation, whether it’s a new project or a new module you’re working on. 

The Tricky Bits

Another way we can help is to take some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders, like integrations linking to with other systems or the web, specialised user interfaces like the Reactor Gantt Charts or Calendars, or re-thinking the User Interface to make this easier and more approachable.

ws app