FileMaker Licensing

One size does not fit all… From simple User licensing to options such as Concurrencies and Site licenses, we’re here to help work out the best deal for your situation…

User Licenses

With the release of FileMaker 17, Claris moved to the user licensing model. Essentially, for every user of a solution, you need to buy a user license. The good news about this is that each user license comes with a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced, a concurrent connection that allows you to use FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. It also includes a FileMaker Server license, so you really are setup to take full advantage of the FileMaker suite of products. Do note that user licenses start at minimum of five, and you then buy single licenses on top of this.

Concurrent Licenses

For those users who don’t need to access the solution via FileMaker Pro Advanced, particularly those who work remotely or are ‘parttime’ users of FileMaker, there is the option of adding concurrent connections to your licensing model. A concurrent connection allows access to FileMaker via Go and FileMaker WebDirect, as long as these have been developed and setup for you. Concurrent connections can be shared across a larger user group i.e. you purchase five concurrent connections, but twenty people can share these (but only five people can access at any given time).

Annual Site License Agreement

This licensing model has become more and more popular, particularly when you have a larger user group, who use the full suite of FileMaker products. ASLA’s are calculated on your entire workforce headcount (including part timers and contract staff), starting at a minimum of 25.