Health Check.

Should it stay or should it go?

One of the biggest dilemas with a legacy application is whether to keep it or whether to toss it out and start over. What's it going to cost to maintain and keep building on this application versus starting afresh?

Or maybe you'd like a second opinion on what's right and not so right 'under the hood' - whether you've built it yourself or had a third party developer build it we'll take professional, objective perspective.


We offer a consultation and assessment process to look at what you’ve got in an objective way and reconcile that against what you want to do with the system and where your business is going.

Out of that assessment we’ll also produce documentation that helps set the scene for looking after it going forward or basing a new design upon.

Our health checks are offered at 3 levels:

  1. Simple solutions where a few hours and a verbal report is all that's needed, $925*

  2. Larger solutions we offer a standard level for $3900*, which includes important technical documentation.

  3. Larger solutions, with a fully comprehensive investigation and report, usually between $5,000 – $10,000* to complete.

This covers not only a deep look at the technicalities of a system but also interviews with users and comparison of their tasks with the way the system works, and consideration for future directions and support. Reports will include technical documentation and commentary on the structure and state of the code, plus recommendations on what needs fixing, what the risks are and an approximate estimate of the time and cost to build the system anew. 

(Note that any travel costs to areas outside our office locations of Sydney and Christchurch are additional.)

Call and drop us a line for more details.

* all pricing is in USD