Mobility with FileMaker Go

When it comes to empowering your own team in the field, FileMaker Go brings the benefits of rapid development and flexibility to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad... 

Since FileMaker Inc brought the Go platform to us in 2011 we’ve helped clients make huge gains with:

  • Estimating and quoting
  • Collecting job data in the field
  • Accessing client information
  • Safety Information

FileMaker Go has all the power of your desktop FileMaker solution plus:

  • It’s ‘location aware’ so you can record when and where something happens
  • Reads barcodes and QR codes
  • Has a special signature input for sign-off
  • Integrates with the camera for capture photos and videos directly into the database
  • Touch gestures

FileMaker Go solutions can work standalone on the device or connect to a central system hosted on FileMaker Server. (Which means the data can be in the cloud too of course, so you don’t need to manage a server and the it can be accessed from anywhere.) 

For more info on building a mobile solution drop us a line