Security Audit.

Protect Your Data!

Your database is quite possibly the life blood of your business — a control room that keeps everything running. And in that room there's a lot of valuable and private information... 

So just how safe is that data? Are you taking reasonable precautions to protect it yourself from:

  • Hacking - from inside or out
  • Accidental erasure of records
  • Malicious modification of data
  • Viruses and Ransomware attacks
  • Data theft

FileMaker has built-in tools for some very robust security measures — we can help make sure you're using them correctly and maxmimising your protection.


Your Report

Our Security Audit focuses on your database application itself and asks how much access is there? And what could someone do?

We'll take a close look at your FileMaker database and report back on how well protected it is now, and provide recommendations for improvement. 

To do this we look at:

  • User Access
  • File Security
  • FileMaker Server Security
  • Data Transmission
  • Application Security

A well protected database application will mean that even a copy of the database is useless to anyone, unless they have your user name and password credentials too.

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