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Business apps, built with FileMaker

Technology is a key way your business can become more efficient, more consistent, more scalable and innovative...

Our passion and expertise is in the FileMaker platform, one of the most flexible and rapid ways to create applications that will set your business apart.

We’re here to help

So, how can we help? That’ll depend on which boat you’re in:

Or, if you’d like to start with a ready-made Client Management database that’s friendly and flexible enough that it can be customised in the future, then take a look at Nutshell CRM.

And we’ll gladly help with your FileMaker licensing and finding the right sort of home for your application with advice and options on Hosting.

How do you want to use your app?

FileMaker is a cross platform solution, which basically means you use of different types of computer or device, from Macs and Windows PCs, to iPhones and iPads or just through a browser on just about any modern device. We work in all these platforms, whether designing anew or adapting existing solutions:

So we’d love to tell you more about some of the practical ways we can help with:


Put FileMaker in the hands of your frontline people with FileMaker Go…

Desktop or Laptop

The engine room of business information systems is still very much the PC and we’ve built some pretty damn impressive engines...


WebDirect is the quick and easy way to access your databases from a web browser…

Web Development

There’s another way that technology can hugely enhance your business too: engaging and interacting with your clients online can give you a huge competitive advantage and tie clients into a closer and more efficient working relationship with you, while also reducing your own customer service costs.

For this you might look beyond FileMaker to some of the advanced specialised web technologies that our sister company Custom D works with: they’re a dedicated, kick-arse web development team and while they work in a web world they know how to link into FileMaker solutions. 

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Why Us?

In a nutshell, our team are Smart Cookies—in fact some of the smartest FileMaker cookies on the planet:

  • We’ve been doing this for 20 years—we know what we’re doing.
  • We work together as a team so we’ve got your back any time
  • We’re certified developers
  • We follow standards and best practices
  • Every developer is a permanent employee*

And we thrive on seeing great solutions make things better. 

(* Our employment contracts include the famous “Hotel California” clause—they can never leave.)