Beautful, Dynamic Interfaces

Got a challenging interface problem? Found something on the web that does it? Reactor takes web code and integrates into it into your FileMaker apps!


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2019: Reactor Reloaded

FileMaker developers are embracing JavaScript and HTML in the Web Viewer more and more — that's because these technollogies let us use the beautiful, dynamic interfaces from the web world, right in FileMaker layouts.

At the last two DevCons, presentations showing how you can use this idea have been chocker... and the folks at Geist and Seedcode are doing some great stuff showing what can be done natively in FileMaker.

So we asked ourselves whether we could help to make it easier and better with Reactor — Reactor offers a whole deeper level of integration: it allows web code in a webviewer to read and write data directly. It makes the webviewer a true part of FileMaker.

Our mission then with Reactor in 2019, is:

"To take our technology and make it so that you can find and use any web library in FileMaker in a robust and fully integrated way."


Reactor Reloaded, coming soon, will include the tools to import, link up, and edit JavaScript libraries, and to then publish a single simple "blackbox" that you include in your solutions with ease.

We'll be bundling up a bunch of our favourite web controls right out the box, but they'll be open for you to edit and customise, or add your own.

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First 10 Years of Reactor

When FileMaker first introduced the Web Viewer control we figured that it was much more than just a nifty way to see a web page in the middle of your FileMaker layout. In fact, the web viewer gives us the whole set of web technologies right there in our FileMaker layouts: that means you can use JavaScript, HTML and CSS to build user interface controls that do things we often can't achieve with FileMaker's standard layout elements. 

That's incredibly powerful if you know what you're doing with JavaScript and HTML, but most FileMaker developers don't want to go there... so we built ready made "Blackboxes", two of which, the Gantt Charts and Calendars, proved incredibly popular. Reactor provides an easy way to drop in these ready made blackbox controls, and integrate them with your database. There's no need to create arrays to pass data to the webviewer code; no need to call back to FileMaker with a URL: Reactor controls read and write data in the database itself. 

Reactor and our original Calendar and Gantt Chart blackbxoes are still going strong and you find out all about them over at the dedicated Fusion Plugins website.