Don't Be Boring

Data can be boring and in it's raw text form, it's just no fun. So if you've got tasks or appointments then what better way to work with that 'data' than a visual Gantt Chart or Calendar? Reactor is a technology we developed to bring exactly this sort of user interface to FileMaker.

Interactive Gantt Charts and Calendars

What makes Reactor unique is that the the charts are fully interactive—drag the bars to more them, or click and drag to make a calendar appointment.


Whatever You Want

What's more the technology is completely extensible: we built these using web technologies and leverage the awesome power JavaScript to create highly interactive user interfaces. 

With Reactor it's possible to build the the user interfaces you really want. The Calendar and Gantt chart included are just the beginning...


Reactor is an awesome tool—in fact we won FileMaker Business Alliance "Solution of the Year" for our innovative work bringing this product to the FileMaker platform.

To find out more take a look and download the demo from our Reactor web site.