Being there is everything

By Craig Saunders, 19 April 2012

Digital Fusion have been working out of Australia for a few years now, sharing an office in Sydney with one of our favourite clients - Streamtime. During this time we've had good success but not good enough for our liking.

And running an operation in this vibrant city is pricey and we didn't feel like we were doing the best we could for the dollars we were spending.

Now I know what you're thinking... but we didn't decide to close the office - quite the opposite in fact. Working on the premise that being there is everything, we've leased our own office that comes complete with a 2 bedroom upstairs apartment.

We're making it super-easy for our Christchurch team to be in Sydney, by providing some very stylish digs - this way they?ll get there more often, increasing our presence in this fantastic market.

Already we've had a steady flow of developers working over the ditch, both onsite with clients and in the office itself. With the continuous and rapid evolution of tools like VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone systems and centrally hosted databases, the office in which we do our work is becoming less and less relevant.

So next time you're talking to one of our team, you never know where in the world they might be... here in Christchurch or in our new office in Sydney.

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