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By Stuart Woodhouse, 27 May 2022

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We recently had two big announcements from Claris that we'd like to share—

Firstly we had the release of a new product, Claris Studio. We will tackle this one in another blog post, but in short, it’s a product that will start to fill in the gaps of what Claris/FileMaker can offer.

The other announcement was of a new licensing promotion, the Problem Solvers Circle:

Claris are super aware that once FileMaker is embedded into businesses and organisations, it can lead to massive improvements. While you might start with one app, Claris want to encourage organisations to take advantage of the platform solve more problems and build multiple apps.

Tech is core to differentiation in business

The Problem Solvers Circle allows you to embed FileMaker into all four corners of your organisation by giving you a license for 100% of your staff.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of how this works, it’s worth pointing out a few gotchas:

  • Clients who have Site Licenses (ASLA) are not eligible*
  • It’s not for new licensing, you need to be an existing FileMaker user
  • It’s only for annual license holders, if you hold perpetual licenses, you can’t join.

* A lot of our clients fall into this category already, and are using FileMaker extensively with an Annual Site License.

So what is it and what does it cost? The best way of describing this is to use an example company and actual license costs (based on an Australian business in AUD)…

Let's say ABC is a company of 50 staff, but only 10 staff currently use an app built with FileMaker. For the last few years they've purchased 10 User Licenses which costs them $2072.40 + GST per year.

Under the Problem Solvers Circle, you commit to two years of licensing based on the previous year of licensing (as above), add a 30% premium, and in return you get licensing for the whole company (i.e. 50 staff in our example).

So for ABC, to join the PSC for the next two years would cost them $5388.24 + GST (remember this is for two years, so that’s only $1300 extra for the 2 years)

To show the value of this, if they didn’t join the PSC, to license all 50 staff would normally cost $9050 + GST for the two years.

We think the Problem Solvers Club is a great option for a number of our clients and we will be discussing this with them over the coming weeks. It’s particulary useful if you want to expand FileMaker into all areas of your business, and potentially the cost of licensing has been a little high.

Do get in touch if this is of interest, we are always keen to walk you through what it might look like for you.



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