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By Craig Saunders, 19 April 2011

Back in December, Digital Fusion launched FileMaker Weetbicks - a section of the main site dedicated to FileMaker articles of a technical nature. The idea behind creating the site was to give something back to the wider FileMaker community, and act as a resource for developers of all skill levels. Digital Fusion has a number of certified developers and a large pool of collective knowledge, and so this was a way to make that knowledge accessible to other developers around the world.

Since its launch, the site has turned out to be a huge success and exceeded our expectations, with daily visitor numbers averaging over a hundred. The comments left on article posts suggest that people are enjoying the content and learning new techniques along the way which is great to see.

While the content may not appeal to most of our clients, if you have ever dabbled in FileMaker then you may like to check it out - www.filemakerweetbicks.com

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