Introducing Morgan Chance

By Morgan Chance and Stuart Woodhouse, 20 September 2016

Morgan Chance

For a number of years now, Digital Fusion have had a large number of clients in Brisbane and the greater Queensland region.

These clients have been looked after by our sales and development teams, with a short skip and jump up from Sydney.

But now we are pleased to announce that we have a full time staff member based in Brisbane and he will be focusing on just the Queensland region (we feel it's time to repay the love)

Morgan Chance starts with us at the beginning of October and will have many hats to wear.

As well as being our client manager for Queensland, he will be working with clients as our business analyst plus taking on FileMaker development projects.

Morgan comes to us with an incredibly interesting background, so we asked him to write us a bio on what he's got up to through the years....

Prior to graduating with a veterinary science degree, Morgan worked in a variety of industries including food animal production (farming), veterinary retailing and nursing, transportation, merchandising and printing. On completing his studies he began several years of rural, mixed animal veterinary practice in a predominantly beef cattle region of Northern New South Wales.

In preparation for a sea change, Morgan completed a high school science teaching diploma and moved his large family to the Island paradise ‘North Stradbroke Island’ in South East Queensland.

High school teaching led Morgan to engage with a local university marine research station where he settled into a role managing science education field activities. Along the way Morgan established a house call veterinary service for Island residents.

Struggling with his data needs in this service, Morgan discovered FileMaker and found it such a user friendly and accessible platform he started using it to develop solutions at the research station as well.

Recently, he has been working on production floor, order and logistics automation systems for a rapidly expanding international garment printing enterprise.

Morgan enjoys exploring business systems, imagining future potentials and especially loves those eureka moments when a challenging business requirement crystallises into a design solution.

As a footnote, we thought we had done well by employing our first Australian staff member in a while, only to discover that Morgan was born in Auckland. His redeeming grace is he only lived there for the first few months of his life.

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