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By Craig Saunders, 1 March 2024

5 award claris dev partner

We won! And of course we absolutely deserved to win — the solution built by Cath Kirkland for our client Mobile Tyre Shop, is a tour de force of what can be accomplished with FileMaker, a top notch development team, and a client on a mission…

The Client

Mobile Tyre Shop (MTS) is a unique and extraordinarily innovative business, disrupting the tyre industry in Australia with the “tyre shop that comes to you.”


Tailor Made

After trying a standard ERP software product, MTS recognised they needed a bespoke approach to their business systems:


out of the box


To meet their needs a whole new “operating system” was needed that would integrate a myriad of different services, from tyre suppliers, to car registration details, to phone systems and of course their website.

To do that, in fact to build any bespoke software project, you need to align some major elements:

  • A committed Product Owner who knows what’s needed
  • The right Platform with flexibility and rapid development
  • Developers with the skills, experience and knowhow to deliver

And perhaps the single most important and overarching characteristic:

  • An exceptional collaboration between the Product Owner and the development team.

Much of the success here can be attributed to Cath, who spearheaded the development efforts, along with Jamie Cartwright, the Chief Operating Officer at MTS, for his vision and determination.

Together they formed a dynamic duo and carved their way through challenges and complexities to deliver an extensive software solution with quantifiable benefits to the business such as —

  • 40% reduction in sales staff
  • 70% reduction in the number of staff now needed to do scheduling
  • Fleet customers are managed by a single person

…and the company is now positioned to double the number of jobs per day, without needing more administrative staff.

Customer Service

It’s also about improving customer service: there’s a raft of client interactions facilitated by the software — for example, when a tyre is scanned into the warehouse, the system automatically messages the client telling them their tyres have arrived, and provides a link to schedule the fitting at their convenience.

MTS have also levelled the playing field in their industry by integrating with all the major brands, and many not so major brands, plus Amazon and eBay. By bringing all this data together in one place they’ve made the market more accessible and transparent so that the customer gets the best deal and chooses the right tyre for their needs.

As a testament to how successful this approach is, MTS are now seeking a smaller office space with a bigger warehouse — that’s a wonderful outcome because it means they're doing more of what they actually do, with less administration and management, and in the process providing better customer service for the win!

There’s a lot more we could say about the system — it’s an exciting project and we continue to build upon it even though it’s well and truly earning it’s keep already. We’ll do more in depth looks at the system itself in the future. For now though we’re celebrating…

award cake


Congratulations To Our Team

To Cath for the incredible commitment and hard work it’s taken, for the relationship and collaboration you foster so very well with your clients.

To our entire team of 16 developers, because we all benefit from the support, knowledge and combined expertise of the entire team.

And two particular giants at DF: Steve and Daniel.

To you all — Well Done!

cath award


And A Huge Thanks to MTS!

Travis Osborne, founder and CEO, for the vision to bring the business to life, for selling the dream and for empowering his team, particularly Jamie, to find the best solutions…

Jamie, for being an incredible product owner and evangelist, and for being articulate and forthright enough to shout about it from the rooftops!

Thank You All!



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  • Rob Russell 01/03/2024 8:23pm (2 months ago)

    Out-effing-standing...well done, guys.


    (sorry for using the local vernacular, wait! not sorry ???? )

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