FileMaker 15 released

By Stuart Woodhouse, 11 May 2016

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Earlier today FileMaker released their latest version, FileMaker 15

This is the first time that FileMaker have moved to their annual release pattern so you will start to see updates and patches more frequently.

Firstly, this is a new full release right across the FileMaker product range. This means there is now FileMaker 15 for Server, Pro, Advanced, Go and WebDirect.

Looking at some of the changes across these products….

FileMaker Pro

There is now a new licensing model called - FileMaker for Teams (FLT). This is way licenses are shared across Pro, Go and WebDirect, all connecting to Server. Further details will come from FileMaker around this but there could be use cases where it’s advantageous for you to switch licensing plans.

With FileMaker 15 there is now an improved way to update an application. It is now much simpler to now update your version of FileMaker to the latest patches/versions, this can all be done within the application when a new version is available, just click the prompt to download and install in a single step. You no longer have to go to the FileMaker website and download very large update files.

One of the big gains in FileMaker 15 is around performance. - solutions will perform better than ever. Information in portals will now load independently of the rest of the screen you are viewing, so you can continue to work while portals load their data.

FileMaker Go

Touch ID - Allows you to use the Touch ID scanner to log into your FileMaker Go solutions

Screen Shot 2016 05 12 at 7.44.11 AM

iBeacon support - FileMaker Go can now support interaction with iBeacons, useful for detecting when your device is close to a beacon, which beacon is closest, and designing your solution to make use of this information, for example your solution could know whereabouts in a large warehouse you may be at any given time. If you are new to iBeacons check out the following article ... iBeacons explained

Better integration with other apps on the device, the ability for things such as images, movies, music, to be shared amongst other applications on the device, e.g. DropBox, PDF readers, printers, email etc.

FileMaker WebDirect

More refinements and improvements to the platform including better performance.  FileMaker WebDirect now offers support for Android browsers meaning WebDirect now works across most platforms (via browser)

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