Best of 2021: Keystroke Tester

By Daniel Wood, 10 December 2021

keystroke tester teaser

Keystroke Tester

Less a piece of code and more of a utility (and could easily be made into a FileMaker Add-on). I built this keystroke tester for our own internal frameworks to help developers quickly and easily derive modifier key numbers as well as codes for various keystrokes pressed. 

This is invaluable as a time saver when needing to work with the various keystroke triggers.

The tester opens in a card window and will respond to your keystrokes or modifier keys pressed, providing you with real time feedback:


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The keystroke tester will likely feature in a future elemental release as an Add-on, but if anyone would like to build this as an Add-on sooner feel free to do so and let us know in the comments here.

Download the example file


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  • Robert Jackson 15/12/2021 10:08pm (2 years ago)

    A superb resource - thanks for sharing!

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