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Anyone that knows our Stephen Baker knows at least two things:

  1. He's Digital Fusion's first ever employee and after 13 years, he's still going strong.
  2. He'™s a very, very smart cookie.

By day, he's a database developer, quietly dealing to some of our most tricky database intergrations, but by night, under the cover of darkness he's banging out some very sexy iPhone/iPad apps. His latest creation is "Canterbury Earthquakes".

This little beauty combines data from Geonet with the GPS on your iPhone or iPad. The basic features include a full list of all the "events" in Canterbury: size, date, time, location relative to where you're standing right now. This list can be filtered by date or aftershock size - a lot of us Cantabrians only want to know about the big boys!

There's the quake drum (although personally that's a little beyond my comprehension) and a map that at first glance looks like your kids have thrown their spaghetti sauce all over it. However, on closer inspection it is in fact the Quake Map indicating the size and location of all the events since September 4th.

But the best feature by far is the little arrow on the Aftershocks tab that takes you to a map of Canterbury with a pin to show where you are and another to show where the aftershock was located. Such a great feature for those that want to get a good sense of where the action is.

Canterbury Earthquakes is so simple, all the information you really want to know is presented in an easy to use format... thanks Steve!

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