Tour de DF

We were supposed to be competing (hmm... let me think about that word?) in the Lakes Loop Challenge, originally set for early this month. But fate stepped in at the last minute and the event was postponed.

Disappointed barely covers it. We had a house booked for the weekend in Nelson, the post-event beverages were all but ordered and we had new designer cycle jerseys (thanks to our resident designer Mat) made specially.

What do you do when your dreams go up in smoke? Well I'll tell you... you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and make a whole new dream! Catherine suggested we make our own custom-made cycle ride. Non-competitive (sort-of) and stops along the way. We all said "hooray for Cath".

So Catherine, Daniel, Phil, me and my daughter Sarah decided to ride out to Lincoln on the old, but now tar-sealed Rail Trail. It was a struggle to find another weekend that suited us all but eventually the stars were aligned and a date was set.

Barely 5 minutes into the ride and Daniel needed a break and he said it was a flatty, but was it really?

We biked to Lincoln, had a lovely lunch at Hillyer's then headed for home. But after a long ride of another 5kms (ish) Cath suggested we stop at the Prebbleton Pub for some well earned refreshment. I know what you're™re thinking and it's ok, Sarah just had a lemonade.

It was a great little outing and we were quite a sight in our matching jerseys.

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  • Sue Vincent 30/11/2011 1:06pm (13 years ago)

    Looking very trim in your cycle top Daniel

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