Welcome Karesha

By Stuart Woodhouse, 29 April 2024

We are a bit late to the party with this post, but as they say, better late than never.

We would like to welcome Karesha Walker to the team as our ‘new’ Office Administrator. She’s been with us nearly six months to date, and has made a massive impact on the business, notably her love of pot plants has infected the DF office in Christchurch. 


Digital Fusion were very lucky to nab Karesha, her previous job was CEO of her household, having raised two young boys and two Chihuahuas over the last five years. After escaping that job it should be a cinch to help manage 16 developers and a few account managers (plus all those pot plants). It could be a few years before she whips the CEO into shape, but the money is on this happening.

kareshas kidskareshas chihuahuas

We asked Karesha to give us a few interesting facts about herself, and she turned up the following…

  • Her favourite animal is a bison
  • When she was a child she was a severe sleep walker and would do weird and wonderful things like bathing her dolls and making food
  • In her earlier years she attained a Teaching Degree
  • She's had the same friends since primary school
  • She project managed the build and did the interior design of her new home after living in a 30 square foot tiny home for 2 years… 

kareshas tiny homeThat certainly turned up a few things we didn’t know.

Welcome Karesha to the team, if the first six months are anything to go by, you will have us all in tip top shape (and working in a jungle) in no time.

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