Workplace Innovation Platform

By Stuart Woodhouse, 10 November 2018

At the recent FileMaker DevCon conference in Grapevine, Texas, there was a very special announcement.

Over the past few years FileMaker has been working to find a category that best explains what it is and what it does.

For a long time it has sat in the 'no code - low code' category, which is all good and well, but for those who want to really extend FileMaker to its full potential, you really do need to know how to code.

So the announcement at DevCon centred around a new category that best suits and explains FileMaker, and that is the 'Workplace Innovation Platform’..


At Digital Fusion we love it, we believe it really symbolises what FileMaker is all about, and we are passionate about taking this category forward.

We are all about innovation, so to extend this into a category really helps with how we promote FileMaker to our current clients, but also how we can project it to new and interested clients.

Along with the new category name, FileMaker have come up with a lot of new branding material, along with some cool advertisements.

These are being showcased in the US and in other regions around the world, but you will potentially see them pop up on your YouTube and other social media feeds.

If you do miss them, we have embedded them below…





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