Xerocon - If only I could come up with a better blog title

By Stuart Woodhouse, 20 August 2013

Next week three DF'ers are heading to Xerocon in Sydney. As first timers we thought we better make a bit of a splash so have been putting our 'thinking caps' on and have come up with a bit of a competition (of sorts)

Our tag line for the conference is 'If only?.' which forms that basis for our booth and speech. The idea behind the tag line stems from our custom software development heritage, we develop solutions that are tailor made to you or your clients needs. This might be along the lines of developing a shopping cart that integrates with Xero, a database that invoices via Xero or the big bertha, a database and website and Xero, all interlinked.

So back to the competition, we want to hear what 'If only?..' you can come up with. Some of the ones we have tossed around are 'If only?I had bought my Xero shares two years ago' or 'If only?.there were more beans to count'. We want you to put your 'thinking caps' on and and come up with some equally fun sayings. The more topical to Xerocon the better.

If we like your idea and contact you via Twitter, come see us at the conference (Booth 33) and pick up a t-shirt.

While you are there, you can enter the draw to win an iPad mini.

Remember to hashtag your idea with #xerocon

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