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10 Group

Arts + Creative
Job Tracking for Magazine and Event Productions

10 Group are a small creative agency based in Newtown in Sydney, doing some exceptionally fine work in the arts sector.

From creative design, to publications, to the organisation of festivals and now into the exciting world of digital, there's not a lot that 10 Group don’t do.

With a niche area like this, developing a custom project management and CRM was the best approach to meeting all their requirements.

When we first started talking with 10 Group they had a legacy system in place called Eggplant. This covered off their needs for the publishing side of the business but over time the company’s business emphasis has moved towards organising more events and festivals, as well as publishing, so the new solution needs to handle the project logistics of those as well.

Replacing an incumbent system, the first version needed to be able to be focus on the core features that are needed, then grown from there. For this we covered off:

  • Clients details (people and organisations)
  • Project quoting
  • Purchases
  • Task tracking
  • Job costing and invoicing
  • Dashboard to highlight active projects/tasks of interest to the user

The solution needed to be optimised for good performance over the internet as users access the system from homes and other locations throughout Australia (and the world).

So those were the requirements, the end solution matched these extremely well. Now named 'Kiwifruit', the solution is used on a daily basis by the team at 10 Group.

Although there were/are plans for a stage two (and possibly three), things have got extremely busy with 10 Group so these have been put on the back burner for another day (which is one of the joys of custom software development, stages can be added when/as you need them)