Our Work



BioGro is New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. Established in 1983, BioGro now certifies over 900 operations across New Zealand’s primary production, processing, farm input supply, export, and retail sectors.

Having used a mixture of databases, spreadsheets, and paper documentation for a number of years, BioGro decided it was time to collate everything into a single central solution that could be used to manage their business, from customer and job management, to reporting and document management. The database was also to act as a back-end to their website, providing information to the website, and allowing their customers to log in and check the status of their certifications.

What We Did

For this project, we used an agile method of development, which saw us work closely with BioGro to provide an initial solution as quickly as possible for use. In fact, a working FileMaker solution was deployed as soon as 2 months after the initial consultation!

Digital Fusion continue to work with BioGro closely to evolve the solution and continually add new functionality. The beauty of the agile method in this case is that BioGro could begin using the new system quickly, and were able to provide useful feedback during initial deployment which helped refine the solution even further.


“We looked at two companies and Digital Fusion made an effort to understand our company and prepare a proposal. They really listened and absorbed what we needed. The other company came back with a generic proposal.” Dr Michelle Glogau, CEO