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David Stein & Co - Part Two

Art Tracking App using FileMaker Go

We already have a case study in place for David Stein, our good friends the art restorers in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

We built them a beautiful solution to manage their business and they must have been pretty happy with what we developed because they have asked us if we can help with another problem they had.

This one centred around the storage of art. As you can imagine, if someone needs to move out of their house, or a business changes premises, they need somewhere to store their prized pieces of art.

This is where David Stein come in. They have the facility to store art in their purpose built offices/studio.

Not only do they have a special ‘art lift’ to get the pieces up and down their 3 story studio (it’s a pretty very cool invention), they have racking to keep things nice and tidy (plus insurance in case something unfortunate were to happen)

What they didn’t have was a good way to manage what art they had, where it was located in the studio, and the contact details of the art owners.

Having to walk up and down stairs looking in all the storage areas wasn’t very efficient. Nor could they get a snapshot of what they had in storage and the dates owners expected to collect it back.

This to Digital Fusion was a perfect project for FileMaker Go and in particular one feature, the barcode/QR scanner.

One of the features of FileMaker Go is a scanner that uses the iOS camera of either an iPhone or iPad (or you can hook up an external scanner if you prefer).

For David Stein we developed for the iPhone and use QR codes to identify the art.

Now when a new piece of art comes in, it’s logged into their main database with details such as who the owner is, a picture of the art, where it’s stored, collect date etc.

A unique QR code is then generated for the artwork. When they need to find a piece of art, they know the location and can scan the QR Code to double check that it’s what they are looking for.

The increase in efficiency will make this a solution that gets plenty of use over the coming years.

What we love about clients like David Stein is they think outside of the box and are always looking for ways to make their lives easier.