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David Stein & Co

Job Tracking Application

Stein & Co are a Sydney based business specialising in art restoration. Paintings and other items are restored at their Darlinghurst office/studio with frames being sent off site to a specialist frame restorer.

After looking around and using a number of cloud based solutions, the came to the conclusion that they were never going to find one that would meet all their needs. Having to jump from one system to another to manage the flow of work was a painful experience and they never got a great insight into how the business was performing.

As the art they were restoring was both precious and worth a lot of money they couldn't continue down this path so they called in the team from Digital Fusion to develop them a 'one stop shop' to help manage their business

Key objectives for the project were: 

  • Improved efficiency by tracking a job from start to finish in one solution
  • A more consistent way in which art and art owners information is captured and stored
  • The ability for the solution to grow with the business. 

What we did...

For this one we went back to the drawing boards.

As the team at David Stein are lovers of all things art, they wanted any solution to be very visual. Taking this cue we have designed a beautiful looking database, but also one that functions incredibly well.

Taking the 'bones' of our development framework, Nutshell, we went about designing new templates that would show the pieces of art as the core identifier of the project (normally the name of the project or client name are the identifier). We then started layering in the functions that are needed. This extends to:

  • A single screen that shows the project as a whole including key dates, treatment required, client name etc
  • A way for the art restorers to track the time spent on individual projects. A report can then be pulled to show how a restoration is tracking against estimates