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DDH Graham

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Bank Reconciliation Management App

The heady world of Australian finance can be daunting, even for developers with heaps of experience and skill. But our man Daniel hit the challenge head-on and distilled the complexity of DDH Graham's requirements into a FileMaker database that not only satisfied them but made their job a whole lot easier.

With up to 6,000 transactions a day on their bank statements and tens of thousands of accounts, Brisbane-based Funds Management company DDH Graham could see that a bit more automation in their Bank Reconciliation system would reap huge benefits. It wasn't just costing them time: accuracy was equally important. With all the best of intentions humans are, well, only human and it's inevitable that sometimes, human error creeps into a manual process. Besides, the extra care that it takes for staff to safeguard against human error can be costly.

Why not find a package product? Good idea, but in reality it's never an exact fit, and trying to adapt your processes to that of a generic product can really suck up time and resources. It also limits your ability to be unique, original... different from the rest. With a customised database, DDH Graham were able to draw on their 30 years in the business to specify to the nth degree what they wanted in their Bank Reconciliation process, which includes balancing the day's transactions, producing financial and exception reports and emailing them.

FileMaker and Digital Fusion were able to come up with something that delighted DDH Graham, even if it had Daniel reaching for the Disprin at times.


“We have been using the new system for the past two years and have never had a problem with it, and we are extremely happy with the results. Job well done!” Francis Gomez, Settlements Supervisor