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Full Business Automation Application

What do you do when you want a dazzlingly fast turnaround for your service? You could beef up your staff numbers (hmmm… expensive), work more hours (no thanks), or do what IBS did, and set about automating the process as much as possible and shifting more control over to your clients.

Australia-based IBS Design Resources had an existing FileMaker database, but it needed a bit of a facelift. Starting from that base, we helped them to provide a way for their clients to enter their orders (especially reorders) directly through the website, getting instant quotes without the need to ring or email. As well as that, it lets users track progress from production through to despatch: the FileMaker Web ordering system integrates directly into the courier delivery tracking system, so it’s easy to see exactly where the order is after it leaves IBS.

Behind the scenes, FileMaker sends automated progress and despatch emails; it prints bar-coded labels, a finishing report and invoices. For highly efficient and economical gang printing, FileMaker tracks the number of orders until an optimum grouping is assembled, at which point it signals that a run is ready to kick off.

With less manual interference in the process, throughput has soared and IBS are able to confidently state on their website: “Our service will not be beaten”