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Mobile Tyre Shop is a rapidly growing mobile tyre service business based in Melbourne, Australia. So what makes them different?

They come to you.

They're essentially an online business, that delivers tyres for customers and businesses at any location for the same or better prices as brick and mortar firms. Basically, they sell convenience.

Mobile Tyre Shop have a ‘just in time’ supply and logistics model. This keeps them nimble and minimises their overheads but it does place a significant burden in terms of operational organisation, logistics and service management.

You can book and purchase through their WooCommerce website or if you are a Fleet operator through their dedicated customer portal. They also operate a local call centre for sales and customer assistance.


Fleet Management - using FileMaker WebDirect

The Problem

The main challenges for Mobile Tyre Shop were establishing:

  • Operational efficiencies - being organised for great customer service, on short turnarounds. 
  • Up to date data - only selling what they can supply, ‘just in time’ in any given area, keeping dynamic pricing current, and tapping into existing vehicle rego and client information for convenience of customers and staff.
  • Systems that scale - Replacing manual processes and supporting expert personnel with sustainable systems that can scale and replicate so that the company’s growth is limited only by the market and their imagination rather than operational hard limits.

Mobile Tyre Shop had both the need and the courage to challenge these problems head-on: with that they went looking for a solution that would grow and meet their needs long term... 

Enter Digital Fusion

One of the key people at Mobile Tyre Shop knew there had to be a flexible, responsive way to rapidly deliver operational gains and was referred to us for some early discussions.

We started by investing time with the key stakeholders to get to know them and understand their business, their current state and their big picture vision for the company.

The next step was identifying a pathway to building a solution that would allow us to get "some runs on the board" early. This gave everyone, from the team at Mobile Tyre Shop, to the investors, and even our own team, confidence in the relationship and an understanding of what could be achieved, and set the scene for pursuing the big project visions.


How We Helped

With key people at Mobile Tyre Shop we developed a plan for a starter project to implement some missing functionality in their existing systems. This comprised of a products database that serves their website, manages updated pricing from suppliers and integrates with an automative industry data service, ‘Vehicle Logic’ to keep up to date with the latest products.

We used our brand new Underpin framework as the starting point for this and worked with their web developers to get the systems working together.

The outcome here was labour saving in terms of managing products and prices that feed into the website backend, giving clarity and control over the data which was missing before. With Underpin as our starting point, we also laid in some early foundations for the rest of the systems to come.

Mobile Tyre Shop immediately asked us to develop the next stage and work towards other critical areas so they could move on from their incumbent ERP product. They gave us a very tight time frame for delivering a CRM and Call Centre management system that would let staff efficiently handle sales, manage client data and history and look up vehicle information making sure they are supplying the correct tyres.

Our work with Mobile Tyre Shop and their custom systems continues as we expand the feature set, adding in advanced phone system integrations, Google analytics integration to help drive sales from Claris FileMaker, SMS text notifications, WooCommerce integration, internal messaging, job tracking and inventory. They dream the dream and we deliver it.

Call Centre Screen

Underpin Customised : Mobile Tyre Shop Call Centre Screen


About Underpin

While every business does things their own way, at the core are common elements of CRM (sales/client relationships) and ERP (products and jobs) systems: we built Underpin to provide a turn-key starting point upon which we build bespoke business systems. 

In this case, Underpin enabled us to rapidly deliver functional operational systems for our client. It comes with a basic business feature set (CRM, Products, Projects, Financials, Xero integration etc) as well as fully developed navigation, data structures and significant under the hood functionality. Underpin’s big advantage though is that it is built from the ground up to be fully customised. It comes with standard features but it’s made to be fully moulded for any business especially ones that are doing new, unique, niche or cutting edge work.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple, intuitive and uncomplicated: if you need more (or less) we’ll customise that for you and make it a tailored fit for the work you do.

MTS4 web 
Underpin dashboard