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North Sydney Community Centre

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North Sydney Community Centre would have to be one of the more unique organisations we partner with. Unlike a business that often has a single/range of products or services, NSCC cater to a large segment of the community and offer a wide range of activties.

Some of these are:

  • Children's playgroups
  • Adult classes
  • Room hire
  • NSCC Market and Northside Produce Market

Being central to the North Sydney Community, their focus is to offer community services and events to the people who live and work in the area.

Digital Fusion became involved with NSCC a number of years back, taking on two fronts. We developed their new website (which is now handled by our sister company, Custom D) as well as taking over their existing FileMaker database. FileMaker and the website are linked, with an explosion of class bookings now being made via the website (but managed backend in FileMaker)

Back then their FileMaker database was only a ‘part time’ way in which NSCC ran their organisation. There was still a lot of manual processing taking place, with Excel being used to to cover the areas that FileMaker didn’t meet.

What we loved about working with NSCC when we first caught up with them (and this continues to today) is that they know what they want and how they want to get there. They had very clear goals in terms of removing the ‘other ways’ in which they run the organisation (Excel, paper, etc).

The process of getting to where we are today has been completed in gradual increments. This was never going to be a process of doing everything at once. It was about identifying the key areas of the solution that needed fixing/replacing/enhancing, and prioritising them, as time and budget allowed.

Today FileMaker not only helps the team work a lot more efficiently and consistently, it is the fundamental tool by which the organisation runs (along with their website)

The team at North Sydney Community Centre are immensely proud of their achievements. They identified a need for a better way to work and have got there with some extremely hard work.