Our Work

SGS Industrial Valve Engineering

Extensive Quality and Job Tracking System

In 2007, Industrial Valve Engineering Ltd had a dream. The dream was that one day they would have a solution which would manage their entire business, boost productivity, and give them a clearer idea of where they are headed and how to get there.

Being in the valve servicing and overhaul business meant that ensuring the satisfaction of their customers was a big requirement. One way they sought to achieve this was to improve efficiency in the workflow process so that valves could be tested and overhauled as quickly as possible, with a streamlined process in place.

What We Did

Having previously provided support for their existing FileMaker systems, Digital Fusion was the clear choice to make this dream come true.

Working closely with IVE during the development phase, together we built a solution that helped to achieve their goals. Since then, the relationship has remained strong, and the solution has continually grown and evolved to the point where it now manages nearly all aspects of their business, from workflow & job management, to invoicing, ordering, quoting, reporting, and quality control to name a few. The solution has also been a key instrument in IVE expanding their business in the years since its deployment.


“What I like about Digital Fusion and our developer in particular, is that he has learnt about our business. So whenever we have a problem he understands immediately.” Leah McConnon