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The Agency is one of New Zealand’s premiere marketing companies, specialising in communications, marketing, graphic and web design.

Digital Fusion had been working with The Agency on web development and database integration projects for a number of years, so in 2009 when The Agency required a database of their own to help manage their jobs, customers, time entry, and invoicing, Digital Fusion was the natural choice.

What We Did

A meeting was set up, requirements were gathered, the solution was designed and prototyped, and within a couple of weeks the solution was delivered to The Agency for testing. The solution was met with praise, and since its deployment has helped The Agency to increase productivity by reducing the time required to maintain timesheets throughout the day. Time entries are also linked direct to jobs, so invoicing becomes a breeze. Reports have meant that a full overview of a job, customer, or staff member can be obtained with a few simple clicks.

This particular solution was built on top of Digital Fusion’s existing solution framework known as Nutshell. This framework allows us to get new projects up and running much faster — we don’t need to build from scratch as we have 50% of the solution built already. The other 50% comes from customer-specific requirements.



“Designed for an agency environment, rather than adapted from an accounting product, the product Digital Fusion has developed for us is the ideal solution for our needs, built cost-effectively and on an exceptionally robust platform.” Gerard Blank, Director