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Yukon Medical Association

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The Yukon Medical Association (YMA) is a non-profit, professional membership organization serving and representing physicians in the Yukon, in northwestern Canada.

The association has approximately 100 members across several membership categories. A member may move through various categories throughout the life of their ongoing membership, which is maintained by the payment of annual member dues.

Since moving to Xero cloud accounting, several of the financial routines of the YMA’s existing custom-built membership solution were made redundant. Over 10 years there had also been an evolution of the requirements from the database. 

The association began the search for a company to provide a new custom-built membership database solution that could incorporate their historic membership data, increase flexibility of data searches and be accessible by remote access for their “virtual” office needs.

Digital Fusion was selected to work with YMA, to design and develop a custom Membership Manager. Although a half a world apart close collaboration was maintained with Slack, as our main communication tool.

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From my first contact with Digital Fusion I was confident I had the right company for our needs.  

Staff were responsive and helpful at every turn. The programmer was attentive to detail, had excellent suggestions that improved functionality, and was patient with the many small tweaks that inevitably come up in the design and testing of a custom project.

Our new Membership Manager solution has a clean intuitive interface, excellent functionality and was delivered on time and at price very competitive for custom database work.”

— Dr. J Scott Wilson, YMA Administrator