Nutshell CRM.

Use it now. Change it completely.

Here’s a Client Relationship Management application that is fundamentally different from almost every other CRM product on the market: Nutshell is both a product ready to use right ‘out of the box’ and completely customisable. 

We built Nutshell because we could see that most business systems start with Clients and Jobs. Add on features like communication tools and tracking, tasks and reminders, and the ability to invoice with full integration to Xero accounting system and you have a very useful application. 

nutshell features icons

And because it’s built with FileMaker and designed to be changed and extended it forms the perfect framework for developing anything from a few customisations to very complex, highly bespoke business systems.


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Nutshell is designed to be simple to use and ready to go. We invite you to drop us a line for a personal demonstration where we’ll walk you through it and answer your questions. 

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