Development Process

With any new project we follow a Design-Build-Refine process, but on top of that basic process there are a few things we do which ensure you'll have a great journey with us and outstanding results.

People First

You’ll work with one or two members of our team to design and build your solution. We match developers to our clients based on experience and style that’ll match your needs, and while they’ll build a deep understanding of your business and your solution, they’ll be following our standards and methods so that others on the team can step in when needed.



Start Small

Most often the best results are achieved by starting small so we try to pare the project down to an MVP—a minimum viable product. That means that a subset of the scope or vision, that will make a usable, useful system that you can get started with, even if we continue from there to develop out The Dream.


We use a form of Agile project management: basically during development we do several things which make for transparency and flexibility: 

  • We work in one week blocks and review progress with you regularly
  • You’ll have access to a trial copy for testing and feedback during development
  • We anticipate changes and budget for them
  • We start with the highest priorities: the most important bits first

The upshot of this is that the solution gets tested and shaped while we build it, with you involved closely and understanding what’s happening. The process is great at catching details that help make the solution more effective.

Start With a Framework

Finally a key part of our approach is to avoid reinventing the basics and to ensure everyone on the team develops in the same way. To that end we use a ‘framework’ which is essentially a ready-made system that has features built into that most systems need and which sets up the structure for the system as a whole. Nutshell CRM is our framework.