• DF Con 2021

    By Stuart Woodhouse, 1 November 2021

    With international travel curtailed and no big developer conference for FileMaker this year, we decided to roll our own — and so we launched the inaugral DF Con 2021...

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  • Daniel 'Mad Dog' Wood

    By Craig Saunders, 18 July 2012

    Our very own Daniel Wood has just been awarded the coveted Mad Dog PR Award at FileMaker DevCon 2012. The award recognises developers who have made a significant contribution to advancing the awareness of FileMaker in the media and community.

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  • Dissecting DevCon

    I can't think of a better escape than a trip San Diego in middle of the New Zealand winter, which is exactly what Daniel and I did a couple of weeks ago as we headed off to the annual FileMaker Developer Conference (DevCon) - an annual geek fest in a nice warm place.

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