Weetbicks Best Of 2021

By Daniel Wood, 18 November 2021

top 5 of 2021


I’ve been a FileMaker developer now for 15 years. In that time I have come up with some really cool stuff - a lot of which I’ve shared here over the years and can be found in the older articles. But as time goes on it gets harder and harder to come up with unique stuff, especially with the community so strong and thriving with awesome developers. Gone are the days where the opportunity to push FileMaker to new limits was quite within reach (Javascript/APIs excluded!).

With that said I still do things from time-to-time that make me sit back and think "hey that's pretty cool". They may not be flashy, ground breaking or overly complex, but they solve the problem at hand and end up becoming staples in my development toolkit.

So without further ado I'd like to share with you several of these from the year-to-date, starting with:

Multi-Row Portal Selection

Get Record as JSON

Keystroke Tester

PSOS Helper

Idle Release


There are plenty more in the old toolkit but these are the ones that I have used with much success in the solutions I develop.

I hope you enjoy
- Daniel (aka Weetbicks) 


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