• Even Cooler InLine Labels

    By Daniel Wood, 15 December 2010

    One of the cool things that conditional formatting has allowed us to do ever since its introduction in FileMaker 9 is to build inline field labels that become hidden when the field contains text. With the introduction of field state formatting in FileMaker 12, we can take these inline labels even further and make them even more awesome?

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  • A Portal Grey Area

    By Daniel Wood, 15 December 2010

    A grey fill on the active portal row. For years it has been something that simply 'was'. Well no longer. In FileMaker 13 we can finally easily eliminate this rather annoying design feature, and take back full control of portal fill colours.

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  • FileMaker 11 Released

    By Craig Saunders, 27 May 2010

    Continuing the onward and upward march was the recent release of FileMaker 11, featuring some very nice charting capabilities, and a raft of developer and user improvements.

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  • Gone Wild

    By Craig Saunders, 30 November -0001

    Weetbicks, our FileMaker development blog, is well known within the FileMaker community. Daniel's articles help other developers with ways to work around sticky problems. But in the last two months, the FileMaker Weetbicks blog has dried up a little - Daniel has gone M.I.A.! Read more →

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