• A 'Local' Way to Suppress Script Triggers

    By Daniel Wood, 11 February 2012

    Script triggers are a great feature in FileMaker that allow you to initiate a script when certain actions occur such as committing a record or leaving a layout. Not only do they run when user initiated, they can also be script initiated by script steps. This can sometimes produce unexpected results and so you may wish for triggers to be disabled. This article presents a very simple and elegant method of suppressing script triggers from firing when initiated by other scripts…

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  • Tips & Hints - The Relationship Graph

    By Daniel Wood, 31 January 2012

    In this second article in our series of tips and hints we focus on the relationship graph. Take it as it is - this is just an assortment of our favorite time-savers, shortcuts, tips, hints, tricks, tools of the trade and more…

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  • Tips & Hints - Layout Mode

    By Craig Saunders and Daniel Wood, 26 January 2012

    This is the first in a series of articles that will present some useful and time saving tidbits for various areas in FileMaker. In this first article we focus on layout mode. Take it as it is - this is just an assortment of our favorite time-savers, shortcuts, tips, hints, tricks, tools of the trade and more…

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  • Tour de DF

    We were supposed to be competing (hmm... let me think about that word?) in the Lakes Loop Challenge, originally set for early this month. But fate stepped in at the last minute and the event was postponed.

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  • I Have A Dream... Practice Management Without Fuss

    By Craig Saunders, 29 November 2011

    Every business dreams of a paperless office right? Where administration takes a back seat to customer care and excellence in your field. Dr Alex Buller and his team at Eye Surgeons Hawkes Bay (ESHB) have put the blinkers on, buckled their seat belts and embraced this challenge with absolute determination.

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  • Head in the Clouds

    Imagine being able to access your business systems from anywhere, at any time, not having to run your own server, worry about backup, or have a plan for when the server dies…

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  • Printing Records With Different Output Designs

    By Daniel Wood, 3 November 2011

    Most of the time when we print records in FileMaker, the output of every record appears pretty much the same, with similar formatting and design. But what if we want records to print with a completely different output design depending on the type of record? In this article we detail some of the various ways in which this can be achieved, and the pros and cons of each method…

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  • FileMaker Go

    By Daniel Wood, 17 October 2011

    Do you use a FileMaker database in your business? If so, then you may be interested to know that FileMaker have a mobile version for the iPad and iPhone called FileMaker Go

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  • Integrating Kiosk Mode into your Solution

    By Daniel Wood, 5 October 2011

    Kiosk mode is a cool way to run a FileMaker database in a full screen environment where users are prevented from accessing the other functionality of the operating system. But what if you have a normal FileMaker solution and wish to use kiosk functionality in certain areas only?

    In this article we illustrate how a typical FileMaker solution can be enhanced with a kiosk component for carrying out certain actions. We use the article example file to help illustrate this. We also give some information on what kiosk mode is, and things to watch out for when developing for it.

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  • Simple Truncated Displaying of Long Lists (+more)

    By Daniel Wood, 22 August 2011

    Displaying a long list of items on a layout generally means that the majority of the list is hidden from the user until they click into the field, with no feedback as to the size of the list. This article details a nice technique you can use to present the same list in a truncated style that gives live feedback on the number of items…

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