• Master Class In...

    By Sam McCormick, 3 December 2019

    Eight of us crowd into our Pyrmont office in Sydney Australia – four on a sofa, three on straight backed chairs and one standing. Albert Harum-Alvarez of SmallCo occupies the hot-seat from which to dispense his wisdom...

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  • Forward Thinking

    By Craig Saunders, 4 October 2019

    At the FileMaker Developer Conference in the US this year FileMaker Inc. announced a few rather far reaching and exciting changes, starting with a new company name, “Claris”, followed by... Read more →
  • Easily Print or Capture Web Viewer content

    By Daniel Wood, 25 September 2019

    In FileMaker 16 we lost the ability to print web viewers. With the recent rise in popularity of using javascript in FileMaker solutions, printing a web viewer is now a key problem to solve. In this article we give you a really quick and simple way to print any web viewer in our solution, without the need for a plugin.

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  • Take the Short Cut

    By Daniel Wood, 2 July 2019

    Learning and using keyboard shortcuts in FileMaker is the absolute number one shortcut to being a faster and better developer. In this article we take a look at why shortcuts are useful, and then present a way for you to add even more useful shortcuts that do not come bundled with FileMaker. We go through some of the more cooler ones in depth and show you a few tricks along the way...

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  • Elemental has Landed

    By Daniel Wood, 17 June 2019

    Elemental is my first foray into the product world which is why the blog has been quiet recently. In this article I talk a bit about what Elemental is, what I hope it will become, and some of the cool stuff that is in this first version, enjoy!

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  • FileMaker 18 Release

    By Craig Saunders, 23 May 2019

    FileMaker Inc have released the major annual update to the entire FileMaker platform today bringing a bunch of under-the-hood improvements and a few quite valuable, though generally quite technical new features. Read more →
  • A Variable Way of Writing Recursion

    By Daniel Wood, 22 March 2019

    Recursion can be a complex and often intimidating part of development. In this article Daniel gives examples and explains what recursion is, and then presents an alternative approach to writing them which is more clear and readable, through using local variables...

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  • Easily View Microsoft Office Files in FileMaker

    By Daniel Wood, 28 February 2019

    Viewing Microsoft Office files directly in FileMaker has always been a real headache for developers, until now. In this article we demonstrate how to easily use Microsoft Offices online app viewer tool to view your office documents directly in FileMaker. We also talk about Google's similar offering, and how files can be easily placed online for viewing using the file.io service.

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  • DIY: Tempting Templates

    By Stuart Woodhouse, 7 February 2019

    If you want to build your own app for your business, then FileMaker is just the platform: powerful, yet accessible enough for those focussed on solving problems, especially if you have a bent for code. But where do you begin? In this article Stu takes a look at the latest template files from FileMaker Inc...

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  • Scheduling With DayBack

    By Cath Kirkland and Craig Saunders, 22 January 2019

    Scheduling is one of those perennial problems that businesses face when allocating jobs and resources, yet every business has different needs. Here's how we built one such custom scheduling calendar based on the DayBack calendar from Seedcode…

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