• 14 for 14: Setting up cool looking buttons just got easier

    By Daniel Wood, 18 June 2015

    Buttons have had a major overhaul in FileMaker 14. In addition to a brand new user interface for button setup, you now have far more control over a buttons appearance, including adding an icon (that is not an overlaid image!) In this article we cover some of the new features of button setup including adding your own icon sets for button usage.

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  • 14 for 14: What is a Navigation Part?

    By Daniel Wood, 12 June 2015

    It's been quite a while since FileMaker introduced a new layout part, but with FileMaker 14 we have one. Known as the Navigation part, on the surface it may appear similar to it's cousin the header. However the more you delve into its properties the cooler it gets. In this article we explain the properties of the Navigation part and why it rocks!

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  • Integrating FileMaker with Xero

    By Stuart Woodhouse, 10 June 2015

    Xero remains the number one piece of software our clients want their FileMaker solution integrated with. Read more →
  • 14 for 14: New Layout Object Formatting and Styling Options

    By Daniel Wood, 3 June 2015

    In FileMaker 14 you have more control over object styles than ever before. In this article we document some of the main new formatting and styling options for layout objects

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  • 14 for 14: Building a Navigation Button Bar

    By Daniel Wood, 28 May 2015

    In this article we show how you can build a button bar to become the main navigation bar for your solution, and how it can be abstracted as much as possible so it can be pasted across multiple layouts.  We also cover some of the limitations that using a button bar will present.

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  • 14 for 14: Shortcuts for Quick Script Step Entry

    By Daniel Wood, 21 May 2015

    The new Script Workspace allows you to add script steps simply by typing them directly into a script. It will attempt to auto-complete your entry and find matching script steps.  With a little practice and habit you can easily learn the best shortcuts to use to save you the most time when it comes to finding the specific step you want to add. In this article we provide a demo file that gives you a number of variations of shortcuts you can use for every script step, as well as going into detail as to how the auto-complete works.

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  • 14 for 14: Working with the Script Workspace

    By Daniel Wood, 19 May 2015

    The biggest feature overhaul in FileMaker 14 is that to the scripting area, now known as the script workspace. This is the biggest scripting change in years and with it comes a number of areas where you can gain in efficiency when writing scripts. In this article we document all of the areas of the script workspace and list as many features as we can find.

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  • 14 for 14: The Power of the Placeholder

    By Daniel Wood, 15 May 2015

    Placeholder text is a great new feature in FileMaker 14. With it you can specify by calculation what label text is to appear in a field that is empty. You can also have complete control over the styling of that text.  In this article we demonstrate how to setup a placeholder and some of its benefits over standard labels.  We also show how placeholder text can be used as a powerful user interface tool for displaying virtually any calculated value direct on a layout without the need for fields or variables.

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  • Introducing the FileMaker Weetbicks 14 for 14 Series!

    By Daniel Wood, 13 May 2015

    FileMaker 14 is here! To celebrate, FileMaker Weetbicks has written 14 articles all about FileMaker 14. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing these articles to the community. We cover all the cool new features (and some hacks!) and take things further as we usually like to do :) Stay tuned!

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  • FileMaker 14

    By Stuart Woodhouse, 13 May 2015

    We are pleased to announce that FileMaker have today released version 14 of their software for desktop and iOS.

    We are all incredibly excited by this release. It brings some new features that the developers have wanted/needed and we can see areas where we can further enhance your solutions. FileMaker WebDirect and FileMaker Go make some big leaps forward and both products are starting to ‘mature’ really nicely.

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