• FileMaker 12: Better, Faster, Stronger...

    By Craig Saunders, 5 April 2012

    We're rapt to see the new version of FileMaker released, a major release covering all 3 aspects of the FileMaker suite (FileMaker Pro, Server and Go) in one hit, and bringing a raft of new features along with speed and robustness improvements... all very good stuff, so here's a few highlights and what they'll mean for you.

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  • Tour de DF

    We were supposed to be competing (hmm... let me think about that word?) in the Lakes Loop Challenge, originally set for early this month. But fate stepped in at the last minute and the event was postponed.

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  • I Have A Dream... Practice Management Without Fuss

    By Craig Saunders, 29 November 2011

    Every business dreams of a paperless office right? Where administration takes a back seat to customer care and excellence in your field. Dr Alex Buller and his team at Eye Surgeons Hawkes Bay (ESHB) have put the blinkers on, buckled their seat belts and embraced this challenge with absolute determination.

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  • Head in the Clouds

    Imagine being able to access your business systems from anywhere, at any time, not having to run your own server, worry about backup, or have a plan for when the server dies…

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  • Dissecting DevCon

    I can't think of a better escape than a trip San Diego in middle of the New Zealand winter, which is exactly what Daniel and I did a couple of weeks ago as we headed off to the annual FileMaker Developer Conference (DevCon) - an annual geek fest in a nice warm place.

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  • Quake Updates Go Mobile

    By day, Steve is a database developer, quietly dealing to some of our most tricky database integrations, but by night, under the cover of darkness he's banging out some very sexy iPhone/iPad apps. His latest creation is "Canterbury Earthquakes".

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  • Xero Meant Nothing Until Now

    For a long time I was a bit of a Doubting Thomas when it came to the online accounting package cleverly named Xero. Well, I’m here to say I’m a convert. We love Xero!

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  • Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

    We think those Aussies are kind of the same as us.... don’t be fooled they are most definitely not!

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  • Xero to Hero

    For a long time I was a bit of a doubting Thomas when it came to the online accounting package cleverly named “Xero”. I thought it was a good idea and was pretty impressed by what the NZ company based in Wellington were undertaking. But I guess I thought the product was still too immature to cover the full gambit of functionality required to replace our incumbent system (MoneyWorks) and be a useful business tool

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  • DF's World Famous Blogstar

    By Craig Saunders, 19 April 2011

    Back in December, Digital Fusion launched FileMaker Weetbicks - a section of the main site dedicated to FileMaker articles of a technical nature. The idea behind creating the site was to give something back to the wider FileMaker community, and act as a resource for developers of all skill levels. Read more →

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